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On the Wall

The Pickled Heron debuts a new local artists work on our walls every first Friday.



February Artist of the Month: Elevated Linguistics  

Elevated Linguistics was established is 2010.  Photography is our way of expressing our passion for the city of Philadelphia; the city where we reside, the city that we love.  EL is a higher language of art in which we define the city of Philadelphia through our eyes.  Elevated Linguistics is our way of passing some love along to you. 


Erica Leigh Gabor was born is Philadelphia, Pa.  She attended twelve years of catholic school and later earned as associates degree in Computer Networking Technologies.  After 9/11 she felt the calling to join the United States Marine Corps where she spent the next three years.  She was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom – her job consisted of motor vehicle operations, unit mail chief and unit website developer.  She was injured while deployed and in 2006 was discharged under the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy – since then she has made it her life’s work to make a difference.  “I am one of the fortunate ones, with two passions in life.” Gabor has been given the Unites States Veterans Arts Program award in 2012 for utilizing her eye in photography to adapt back to the civilian world.  Defining the world through her eyes by the means of photography is her way of paying it forward.  Elevated Linguistics is her second chance at life. 


Liz Baronofsky was born in Delaware County, Pa, where she attended private school.  She late went on to earn a BA in psychology.  Eventually, Liz moved to Philadelphia and went on to earn a BSN and is currently working as a registered nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit.  Liz has always had a passion for taking care of others and making an impact on the world.  As a child, she was always very shy.  After the loss of her father she became more introverted and closed off.  However, she began to find her voice again through photography classes in high school and fell in love with it.  Through photography she has found an outlet and a way to express her emotions and has become passionate about sharing the world through her eyes.  Elevated Linguistics has been a saving grace; a chance for her to share a piece of her soul.  It has been another resource for the help others see the world in a different light, and hopefully, make a positive impact.


Leah Shumoski was born in Delaware County, PA.  She spent much of her childhood in West Philadelphia at her parents pizza business, where she fell in love with the city of Philadelphia.  At a young age she began flipping houses with her family, and found a passion to build and create with her own hands.  Upon graduating from high school she returned to West Philadelphia, where she lived and attended University of the Sciences.  While there she attained her Doctorate in Pharmacy, and now works as a Pharmacist at Riddle Memorial Hospital.  She bought a house in Havertown, Pa that she completely renovated and further extended her passion for building.  She found an outlet for her creative side in constructing frames, furniture, and other items, using any materials she could find.  Elevated Linguistics has allowed her to use her passion as a positive outlet, and return to Philadelphia once again.  For Leah it has been a blessing and breathe of fresh air.


More info at  http://www.elevatedlinguistics.com/

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