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On the Wall

The Pickled Heron debuts a new local artists work on our walls every first Friday.


April Artist of the Month: Andre Rubin

Artist Manifesto

“The dream of all ideologies is to have one’s cake and eat it too” (Zizek). I want art to be beautiful and communicative, sublime but also portable and infinitely reproducible. I believe in ‘art for art’s sake’ but also that art should have other functions. I believe art should be hard (Adorno) but also accessible and enjoyable (Warhol). I believe in seriousness and humor and that art should contain its own contradiction (Hegel). I believe that “style is the man himself” (Danto) and that “less is a bore” (Venturi). I believe in destiny and the absurd.

I am Andre Rubin, an artist based in Philadelphia and Brooklyn. My photomontages concern classical art and architecture within a postmodern context. For a successful postmodern elaboration of the classical tradition, there must be a break between its formal appearance and the various ideological and authoritarian purposes that tradition may have served in the past. In this way, classical forms may be recycled and radical formalism might be the inspiration for a new radical politics. In order to achieve this break I juxtapose classical forms with images from popular culture, technology, science and science fiction, and I satirize philosophical and political hubris and grandiosity through the use of surreal and absurd settings and scale. But I look to the classical tradition as a permanent, regenerating force. Lastly, my photomontages are often artworks which contain other artworks. I propose making these ‘meta-artworks’ as a vehicle to effect formal and thematic richness–the intimation of a fractal like regress of form and meaning.


Are you an artist looking for a venue to showcase your artwork? Please e-mail us at Daniela@ThePickledHeron.com

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