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On the Wall

The Pickled Heron debuts a new local artists work on our walls every first Friday.



October Artist of the Month: Cynthia Heller

Artist Statement:

“I take my cues from Dr. Seuss: “It’s fun to have fun!” So, like the Cat in the Hat, I play my way to the joy and magic of the garden. In fact, my palette is from the garden—leaves, flowers, mica, and many natural colors and shapes find their way into the paper. The images of people, animals, plants, and trees sometimes appear in one form, as we are all connected in some way, through the weaving of humanity, the strands of everyone and everything blending to comprise our world. I believe that if we each could see more of ourselves in others, and others in ourselves, we would spend more time creates and caring, and less time at war and destroying the planet. After all, OM is where the art is!”

Contact Cynthia at Papersong@AOL.com





Are you an artist looking for a venue to showcase your artwork? Please e-mail us at Daniela@ThePickledHeron.com

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